About Us

Grand Surfaces is the leading sustainable online flooring retailer in Canada. We are serious about the quality, craftsmanship, durability, style, and sustainability of the products we offer. Even our adhesives and primers have been specially chosen for their zero VOC content. We care about the health of our homes and those living in them as well as the health of our planet and all of us living on it.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We only have one planet. We must do all we can to conserve our shared resources and protect our natural environment. We have focused on renewable resources such as cork, wool and sisal, upcycled materials like our Reclaimed Heart Pine hardwood flooring and Marmoleum flooring, and innovative techniques that minimize resources consumed while at the same time maximizing the amount of flooring produced like our Waterproof Hardwood flooring. A percentage of our profits is donated to sustainability efforts.

Cork is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. Cork is harvested by peeling the bark off the cork trees. The trees are not cut down. By periodically harvesting the bark we actually prolong the life of the cork tree. These trees can live for over 200 years. The vast cork forests in Portugal act as large carbon sinks, sequestering large quantities of CO2. They are also full of biodiversity including being prime habitat for some endangered species such as the Iberian Lynx. Cork is predominantly used to make wine stoppers and other primary products. The left-over waste material (bi-product) from the production of these primary products is what is used to make cork flooring and cork underlay.

Sheep happily roam the countryside grazing the land. They grow wool and it’s sheared off in a continuous process over the lifespan of the sheep. This renewable resource provides a 100% natural fiber. It’s a strong, durable, and sustainable alternative to fossil fuel derived plastic carpet fibers that the mass market has largely adopted. While plastics aren’t biodegradable, wool can eventually be returned to the earth as organic matter after it’s useful life.

Our Reclaimed Heart Pine hardwood flooring is made with reused material. America’s old growth pine forests are now largely gone. They were used extensively as lumber in early American buildings. As these old industrial buildings are taken down the heart pine is reclaimed and repurposes into hardwood flooring. We avoid cutting down trees and upcycle this valuable material. The beauty and time-worn character of this product is like no other hardwood flooring on the market.

Impressive innovations have taken place in recent years. Not only are we able to make Waterproof Hardwood, but we’re able to do it with much less wood. A thin veneer is sliced, hardened, and applied to an HDF waterproof core. By using this technique we’re able to produce 10x more flooring out of the same quantity of wood than conventional engineered hardwood flooring and 30x more flooring than solid hardwood flooring. That means 10x and 30x less tress are being cut down respectively. This helps us to conserve these valuable resources.

Our 65-Year Legacy of Quality and Service

Since 1959 we have owned and operated a brick and mortar retail flooring company. We have generations of experience with every kind of flooring in both residential and commercial applications. We’re still a family owned and operated business now in its third generation of leadership. We are always learning and evolving with our ever-changing world. Our latest endevour is the Grand Surfaces ecommerce website. With a sole focus on sustainable flooring products, we’ve curated some of the most innovative and environmentally friendly flooring products from around the world and ship across Canada.