Hayloft features a versatile color palette characterized by a natural amber patina and highlights of blonde sapwood. These restored planks serve as a dependable design foundation suitable for a wide range of settings, including trendy urban lofts and craftsman-inspired suburban homes.



Reclaimed Heart Pine

Veneer / Origin / Hardness

Reclaimed Heart Pine originates from North America and boasts a Janka rating of 1225. This premium flooring material is exclusively sourced from old factories and warehouses, with an average age of over 100 years, ensuring its authenticity and historical significance.

Core / Origin / Strength Rating (FB)

Canadian Spruce, hailing from Canada with an Fb rating of 875, forms the foundation of all structural components. Our Canadian Spruce is meticulously chosen for its quality and sustainability. It holds third-party certification from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI), guaranteeing its legality, responsible sourcing, and adherence to sustainable forestry practices.

Credits in Green Building Rating Systems

GVT is committed to sustainable building practices, aligning with the principles of environmentally conscious construction. Our GVT floors hold various third-party certifications that contribute towards earning points in LEED and other recognized green building rating systems. By choosing GVT, you can be confident that you are making a sustainable choice for your project.

Colour Variation / Grade

GVT Character Grade showcases the authentic characteristics of the reclaimed material while ensuring their preservation and restoration. Skilled craftsmanship expertly fills natural seasoning checks and patches any holes present in the original lumber, resulting in an appealing visual aesthetic that exudes authenticity. Expect a low to medium color variation, adding to the charm and allure of the flooring.

Wood Pattern / Grain

Hayloft planks display a captivating blend of both flat and vertical grain patterns, creating a visually dynamic flooring surface. Additionally, you can expect the presence of striking sapwood streaks throughout the planks, adding character and enhancing the overall appeal of the floor.

Finish / Gloss Level

The DuRa Finish™ Ultra Matte coating embraces the natural texture of the wood, providing a seamless and authentic appearance. Not only does it enhance the wood's natural beauty, but it also offers exceptional protection. Third-party certified by Underwriters Laboratories to the prestigious GREENGUARD Gold standard, our finish guarantees the highest level of low emissions. This certification ensures a healthy living environment with excellent indoor air quality, reflecting our commitment to your well-being.

Width / Construction

The 8" width option features our ENCORE construction, which is 5/8" thick and utilizes the innovative DACS II technology. It consists of solid sawn components arranged in a 2-Layer format, comprising a 3mm surface wear layer and a 12mm DACS II core. This construction ensures durability and stability for your flooring.

For those seeking a 3/4" thickness, our PRESTIGE construction is available through a custom order with a minimum requirement of 1000 sq ft. Please contact us to discuss the available options and obtain a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.

Lengths / Box Sizes

The ENCORE flooring is packaged in two options:

ENCORE Standard Box:

  • Random lengths ranging from 1' to 8'
  • Covers approximately 42.0 sqft
  • Each box weighs approximately 65 lbs


  • Consists of 8 planks measuring 10' in length
  • Covers approximately 52.5 sqft
  • Each box weighs approximately 81 lbs

These packaging options provide convenient choices to accommodate your specific project requirements.

Texture / Bevels

Our VintageGVT collection showcases exquisite craftsmanship with its hand-worked artisanal texturing. This meticulous process creates the timeless charm of a genuine timeworn floor, capturing the essence of vintage elegance. The flooring features a small bevel accentuated by artisan hand chiseling, further enhancing its character and adding a touch of artistry to every plank.


We utilize a premium-grade adhesive of the highest quality, which is completely free from formaldehyde. This adhesive is carefully applied to bond all components together, ensuring exceptional durability and stability. Furthermore, our flooring is CARB2 compliant, adhering to stringent standards for low formaldehyde emissions, promoting healthier indoor air quality for your space.


Our Stair Nosings, Vents, T-Moulding, and Reducers are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly blend with your wood flooring. They are crafted using the same wood species, surface treatment, and finish as the flooring itself, ensuring a perfect match in appearance. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a harmonious and unified design aesthetic, elevating the overall coordination and visual appeal of your space.


Our GVT flooring is versatile and suitable for installation in various settings. Whether it's above, on, or below grade, our flooring performs exceptionally well. Additionally, it is specifically approved for installation over Radiant Floor Heating systems, ensuring compatibility and efficient heat transfer throughout your space. Enjoy the flexibility and comfort of our flooring, no matter the installation environment or heating system.


Our GVT flooring comes with a comprehensive warranty package to provide you with peace of mind. It includes a 30-year finish warranty, ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection for your floor. Additionally, there is a limited lifetime structural warranty, guaranteeing the structural integrity of the flooring for years to come. For light commercial settings, we offer a 3-year warranty to ensure durability and performance in those environments. With our warranty coverage, you can trust in the quality and longevity of your GVT floor.